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What's involved

What is "Hope"

"Hope" is defined as a confident yet uncertain expectation of achieving a future good which, to that person, is realistically possible and personally significant. Hope is especially important to a patients quality of life and sense of well-being as it helps them cope in various ways. Hope is different for everyone and our goal is to help each and every patient find it. 

How to help

Our organization relies heavily on the support of the community and it's involvement in various sporting events. We ask our community to help us in any way possible. This includes but is not limited to: sponsorship, donations, volunteering and  spreading our name/mission. We truly appreciate all the support we can get and are continuing to find new ways to show our gratitude.

To learn more please visit the Get Involved and Donate pages.


The Wristband

During every interaction, both the child and the player are given a Playing 4 Hope wristband. The wristband is important because it symbolizes a special bond between the two. It is a constant reminder to the patient that their player has dedicated their game to them and is competing on their behalf.

The Tailgate 

Part of our mission is to provide children with the means to watch and experience sporting events in a fun and loving environment when they are unable to attend the event due to disability, illness or disease. Tailgates are how our organization brings such an environment to the patient. A portion of the proceeds we raise go into these watch parties for all children and their families on the Pediatric floor at the MU Women's and Children's Hospital.

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