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December 8, 1949- October 10, 2016

Donna Joste, otherwise known as "Mama,"  passed on October 10th, 2016. Mama filled the lives of a husband, three children, a brother, two sisters, five nephews, eight grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and many more during her time. Mama provided laughter and created a sense of happiness and safety every time you were around her. Donna's journey battling cancer began many years ago, when she was told she would not have long to live. If you knew Mama, you knew she liked to beat the odds. Despite having a poor prognosis, she continued to bless us with her presence for almost nine more years. Mama fought a long, hard battle, but it's the things we never thought she would see that makes us remember her.

Playing 4 Hope was originally started to support Mama's battle. As our founder, Haley, wrapped up her collegiate soccer career she wanted to continue to provide Mama hope and strength by designating something in her honor. Haley began Playing 4 Hope to not only shed light on her Mama's battle, but others carrying a similar hardship. Mama is the strength and motivation behind Playing 4 Hope, may it live on forever in her name. 

A note to Mama: Thank you for all of your support and strength over the years, we could not have made it where we are without you. We love you Mama and miss you so much.  -Haley, Founder

Donna Joste (Mama)

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