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Executive Director/President: Brian Thomas

Brian is a doctoral candidate at The University of Missouri - Columbia where he plans to obtain an MD-PhD degree. Brian’s dream has always been to become a physician as he has always had a knack for helping people in the community. When he finishes school, Brian is interested in practicing in a sub-specialty of Pediatrics and investigating childhood disease. Brian has been involved in various organizations, such as MedZou Community Health Clinic and Big Brothers Big Sisters, that serve and benefit a variety of people in Columbia, MO. In his downtime, Brian enjoys taking his dogs to the park, playing recreational sports and guitar, and socializing with family and friends. Brian is currently serving his 4th year as the organizations Executive Director/President and looks forward to Playing 4 Hope's continued growth and success.

Vice President: Dustin Armstrong

Dustin grew up in small-town Illinois, and his upbringing included the core values of hard work and caring for others. Dustin obtained his first degree in Television News with the hope of becoming a sports announcer. However, a summer internship led him to realize his life’s fulfillment would not come from holding a microphone. Rather, it would come through connecting with people; becoming a trusted leader; and building on his thirst for scientific knowledge. Dustin changed careers, obtaining a degree in Nursing and working for seven years in the Pediatric-ICU. These experiences helped solidify Dustin’s desire of becoming a physician, to which he is currently a student at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. Dustin is excited to utilize his past experiences to connect with children and their families while helping Playing 4 Hope grow.

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Social Media and Marketing: Bri Thomas
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Bri is a graphic designer and a Senior Art Director at Hoot Design Co. in Columbia, MO. Bri is passionate about creating brands and helping companies and organizations grow. She was also an avid athlete for many years and was always focused on using her leadership position for good. In her free time she enjoys walking her dogs, socializing with friends, and working on her creative side through painting. Bri is also owner of a freelance company called Bri Ebenroth Design.

Treasurer: Ariess Gharabagi

Ariess is a current student at Mizzou Med and he was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. He has always had a passion for serving his community and feels very blessed to have the opportunity to pursue his passion through medicine and service by being involved with both the MedZou free clinic in Columbia and the Salam free clinic in St. Louis. In his free time, he loves to cook, bake, play pickup basketball with friends, and spend time with family. Although he is unsure what he wants to do with my medical training, he knows that he can use his past experiences to help Playing 4 Hope in its mission to connect with and serve children and their families.

Founder (ex officio): Haley Ennis

Haley began the idea for Playing 4 Hope based on her past as a soccer player. Throughout high school she dedicated her games to her coach's wife who passed away during her freshman year. Throughout college Haley dedicated her games to her grandma, Mama, who was diagnosed with lung cancer.  When Mama passed away in October of 2016, Haley and the board created a plan to grow Playing 4 Hope in her name. Haley is currently an elementary school teacher and enjoys spreading hope in her daily life. 

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Board Member: Andrew Behrmann
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Andrew is an MD-PhD candidate at The University of Missouri School of Medicine and is interested in becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon in order to both treat and perform research on various cardiopulmonary disease processes. Andrew was involved in volunteer work with The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Habitat For Humanity while in college at Southeast Missouri State University and the MedZou Community Health Clinic since attending Mizzou. During his free time, Andrew enjoys watching and playing basketball,  running and hiking the various trails in Columbia, and enjoys spending time with his friends and family. He is looking forward to helping Playing 4 Hope serve the children and families who need it most and to continue growing the organization and its ties with the community.

Board Member: Cannon York
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