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Pascale's Pals

     As the Pascale’s Pals, our mission has and always will be to ease the burden of sick children and their families at the local children’s hospital. 

     Pascale’s Pals, Inc. is a non-profit corporation developed to benefit the children and families staying at the Women and Children's Hospital in Columbia, Missouri. Our goal is to ease the burden of the family and provide happiness to the children during their stay in the hospital. It is our belief that happy children heal more quickly. Pascale was born on December 31, 1993. On July 21, 1995, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and she relapsed again in June 2000. This organization was founded by Pascale’s mother in order to fill a need that was seen throughout her treatments. Today, Pascale is a healthy 22-year old!

     Since Pascale’s Pals has no overhead expenses, all of the funds go directly to the children and families of the children in need. This year has been the year of starting new projects: 

     We started a new program under our Journey Program, which is the program that helps give support to the families of children who have passed away. When this happens, a social worker takes the fingerprint of the child and Pascale’s Pals provides the funds to make two beautiful memory charms with the fingerprint of that child that each parent receives. Bryson’s mother Lily was the first to receive a harm. We cannot take away their suffering but we hope this will be a precious gift for those parents. 

     Pascale’s Pals just gave $50,000 to build a new Rehabilitation Gym on the Pediatric floor of the hospital. Currently, the hospital doesn’t have an in-patient PT gym so any patients who need this service have to travel to either St. Louis or Kansas City to have an in-patient gym. Soon, they won’t have to travel and will be able to get this service in our local Children’s hospital. 

     We have continued to work with our NICU department. We are starting a new project to bring massage therapists for the mothers of premature babies. This service will bring in massage therapists twice a week for a three-hour chair massage. It is our hope that the massage will help these mothers relax and ease the nursing process during this time of stress at the hospital. Furthermore, we bought nine new recliner chairs for the parents of the newborns to be comfortable during their time at the hospital. Taking care of the parents and families of the children has always been a priority to us.

    When our beautiful MU Women’s and Children’s hospital opened five years ago, Pascale’s Pals provided flat screen TVs, DVD players and Wii games in ALL the pediatric & adolescent rooms. Now-it’s time to update! We have just purchased 54 Sony PlayStation 3’s, each of which is uploaded with 60 movies and 40 games. This will help the parents because there will no more be the need to go to the nurse station for a movie or video game. A very positive feature is that we will be able to update those systems with new movies and games as new things come out. We are very excited about this improvement. Any parent can attest that access to movies and games is always a concern. 


     On behalf of all the Pascale’s Pals volunteers and families, thank you to all the Columbia community for the continued generosity and kindness. We are so truly appreciative for all

your support.


Pascale’s Pals, Inc.

Please visit for information!

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