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Playing 4 Hope Rebrands

May 18, 2019

Playing 4 Hope gets a professional make over as we are preparing for the organizations continued growth and success. It is important to remember that while our look may have changed, our mission has not!

New President of Playing 4 Hope

January 01, 2019

Brian Thomas takes over as President of Playing 4 Hope. He hopes to bring new light to the organization with new fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. To learn more about Brian, please visit the "Our Board" page.

Donation made in memory of Ms. Buxton

Playing 4 Hope was honored to receive a donation given in honor of Ms. Patricia Buxton. It is our understanding that love and support for MU sports was a constant in her life and that she was blessed to share this love with her children. This contribution will allow us to continue our mission and bless the lives of those we serve. #Playing4Hope

Laura Doantes to Playing 4 Hope in behalf of her birthday!

February 13, 2018

We would like to give a special shoutout to Laura Spurgeon today! Her birthday was yesterday and instead of presents she asked her friends to donate to Playing4Hope! She hit her target goal and because of her generosity she is helping us put smiles on children’s faces.  Way to go Laura! #Playing4Hope

Playing 4 Hope completes 1st year with CoMo Gives

January 01, 2020

Playing 4 Hope along with 113 other charities in the Columbia community worked together to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations in the 2017 CoMo Gives campaign. 

Playing 4 Hope raised $1,250!! Thank you to all of our donors, you all are "Number 1" in our hearts!  

Playing 4 Hope gets ready for CoMo Gives

November 14, 2017

President Haley Ennis and Treasurer Mary Swenson attended CoMo Gives kickoff night at Hampton Inn Suites in Columbia, MO. The nights event celebrated 114 charities in the Columbia community taking part of the 2017 CoMo Gives campaign. 

For more information on this years campaign please click below. Thank you to all who are giving to our community! 

The giving period is from December 1st-December 31st. Every dollar will make a difference in our community!

Olive Garden Caters Senior Night Game!

November 04, 2017

University of Missouri's Seniors tribute to Womens & Childrens Patients

November 10, 2017

Playing 4 Hope celebrates Senior Night with University of Missouri football players  Anthony Hines, Adam Roland and Cameren Rivers! 

Thank you to all the seniors who visited Women's and Children'd Hospital and supported Playing 4 Hope this year! 


Mizzou recognizes Playing 4 Hope

November 10, 2016

"Tyler Howell is a big guy with an even bigger heart" 

Mizzou recognizes Tyler Howells story with Presley Hall and their meeting through Playing 4 Hope

B&B Bagels Caters Saturdays Game

November 04, 2017

#10 Jason Reese Plays 4 Zachary

November 03, 2016

Happy Homecoming! We would like to take the time to say a special thank you to Ish Witter, your Missouri Tiger running-back! Today Jason Reese, University of Missouri’s #10 visited MU Women's and Children's Hospital to wish our friend Zachary good luck on his journey home! Zachary taught Jason all about his favorite games and talked about their players on Madden Football. Thank you Jason for brightening Zachary’s stay and good luck this weekend! morning Ish came to MU Women's and Children's Hospital to spend time with our friend Xavier. The boys laughed and talked about their love for football! Ish will be taking the field this homecoming for his newest friend! Please join our friend Xavier in cheering on #21 in tomorrow’s game! 

Harolds Donuts Cater Homecoming!

October 21, 2017

Harold's Doughnuts does it again!! Thank you for helping to make our hospital tailgate special!!

#21 Ish Witter Plays 4 Xavier

October 28, 2016

Happy Homecoming! We would like to take the time to say a special thank you to Ish Witter, your Missouri Tiger running-back! This morning Ish came to MU Women's and Children's Hospital to spend time with our friend Xavier. The boys laughed and talked about their love for football! Ish will be taking the field this homecoming for his newest friend! Please join our friend Xavier in cheering on #21 in tomorrow’s game! 

Shakespeare's Pizza Caters Saturdays Game

November 04, 2017

#76 Tyler Howell Plays 4 Presley

September 22, 2016

This morning our friend Presley woke up excited to meet Tyler Howell #76 for the Missouri Tigers! Tyler dropped by the hospital today to let her know his game tomorrow against Auburn will be played for her! Watch closely as not only will Tyler be wearing our wristband during the game, but he will also will have "Presley" written on his tape! Join Presley in rooting on Mizzou Football tomorrow, especially for #76! 

#1 Anthony Hines Plays 4 Zamara

September 15, 2016

This morning University of Missouri safety, Anthony Hines and Dominic Nelson came to visit with Zamara! The visit was a blast! Lots of photos captured this memorable moment. Zamara won't be the only one cheering on these boys this weekend! Let's go Tigers!! #1 #12 

FYI- the "W" pic is for the win our boys will get against Purdue this weekend! 

Harolds Donuts for Breakfast

September 16, 2017

#6 Tavon Ross Plays 4 Brandon

September 08, 2016

Tavon Ross stopped by the hospital today to surprise his friend Brandon before the big game tomorrow! The boys had lots of fun going through Brandon's gift basket! Brandon won't be the only one rooting on Tavon tomorrow!! #6 

#26 Corey Fatony Plays 4 Brett

September 01, 2016

University of Missouri Tigers punter, Corey Fatony #26 dedicated his game to Brett and his family. If you see any Tigers dabbing in celebration at tomorrows game this is Corey's sign to Brett that he is Playing 4 Hope!! Thank you Corey for making today's visit very memorable for Brett and his family. We cannot wait to join him in cheering you on! Let's go Tigers!

Dodge Ball Tournament

February 11, 2017

February 11th, 2017 we hosted our First Annual Dodge Ball Tournament at Synergy Sports. The tournament was  great success hosting 16 full teams, raising over $3,300. Congratulations to our tournament champions,  the Harbingers! We are already counting down the days to host the 2018 dodge ball tournament. 

Thank you to all who participated! Many videos and photos can be found on our Facebook page, please click the button below to view.

501(c)3 Official

December 02, 2019

Playing 4 Hope has officially gained 501(c)3 recognition from the state of Missouri! 

University of Missouri's Seniors tribute a special Thanksgiving to Our Friends on Senior Night

November 25, 2016

As the Tigers will be taking the field on Senior Night against Arkansas, our seniors from the 2016 season will be preparing a very special video for all of the friends and family taking on their own battles! Our seniors last game will be dedicated to them. 

#26 Corey Fatony Plays 4 Brother and Sister Zackrie & Jozzalyn

November 12, 2016

This week is a very special week! Not only was this our last hospital visit of the season, but our player of the week is playing 4 two children! Corey Fatony #26 of the University of Missouri Tigers will be dedicating his game to brother and sister, Zackrie & Jozzalyn. Please join us in cheering on our punter Corey Fatony as he will be playing 4 Zackrie & Jozzalyn! #Playing4Hope #MIZ Pascales Pals University of Missouri Women's and Children's Hospital Mizzou Football Mizzou

KOMU Xtra Austin Hough does a story on Playing 4 Hope

October 30, 2016

KOMU Xtra's news features a story on Playing 4 Hope and our background. The story is from Homecoming weekend when Ish Witter played for Xavier. The story all features a nice peace on the loss of Donna Joste, the inspiration of Playing 4 Hope

Jake Hurrell Plays 4 Sevannah

October 29, 2016

Long snapper, Jake Hurrell #86 of the university of Missouri Tigers met with Venessah this morning! Venessah taught Jake how to play an instrument and drew him a "positive vibes only" picture which is her motto! Jake and Venessah had a blast this morning going through her Pascales Pals gift basket! She even hung up her Mizzou flag before Jake could leave! Join us this Saturday in cheering on Jake as he will be wearing his wristband in support of Vennesah! 

Ish Witter Plays 4 Xavier

October 22, 2016

Happy Homecoming from Playing 4 Hope! We appreciate the special dedication and from Ish Witter #21 of the University of Missouri Tigers who will be battling on the field this Saturday for our friend Xavier and his family! Ish brought a basket from Pascales Pals to Xavier this morning and spent time with his parents as well left a special bracelet from the team! Join us in cheering on Ish as he takes the field tomorrow in battle for our friend Xavier! #21 

Children Send Cheers Back To Mizzou

September 24, 2016

Childhood Cancer Awareness month is in September... sou our friends decided to send a special video to our football players!! #MIZ #ZOU

Mizzou Plays 4 Childhood Cancer Awareness

September 24, 2016

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Charles Harris plays 4 Madi

September 17, 2016

Madi met with Mizzou defensive end Charles Harris yesterday! Charles delivered a gift basket from Pascale’s Pals, and Madi had a gift of her own to give Charles. She drew him Truman the Tiger. Charles and Madi spent some time together and made a game plan for their battles. Join us in cheering on Madi as she takes on her battle as well as Charles on the field this weekend! Madi, you’re an inspiration!

Brock Bondurant plays 4 Jaxxon

September 10, 2016

This morning Jaxxon was welcomed into the Playing 4 Hope family! He met with Mizzou football player Brock Bondurant! Brock and Jaxxon hit it off right away! Jaxxon drew Brock a picture of a pug wearing a football helmet because of their mutual love for dogs! We wish Brock good luck tomorrow on the field. Jaxxon cannot wait to cheer you on! Thank you Pascale's Pals for Jaxxons basket! 

Playing 4 Hope Creates a Commercial

July 10, 2016

President and Founder Haley Ennis and Pascale's Pals representative create a commercial describing the Playing 4 Hope mission and goal!


June 21, 2016

On June 21st, 2016 our board had held our first meeting. During this meeting we discussed many future plans, fundraisers, and goals for Playing 4 Hope. We will be kicking off our organization September 10, 2016 with two tailgates and a fundraising bbq. We are so excited to present to our community our passion and mission to support children with a burden and provide an outlet for happy healing!  Thank you to our board members for all of your hardwork and commitment!

Congratulations to our office members:

President: Haley Ennis

Vice President: Monique White

Secretary: Katie Ennis

Treasurer: Mary Swenson

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